What is Justbreathe.com?

Justbreathe.com is place to learn simple breathing techniques to help in times of stress. It is an experimental web-based app to help first timers or seasoned meditators practice breathing in the company of friends. We believe that Justbreathe.com is just a tool to help on your journey of discovering mindfulness and we believe the ultimate goal is *no technological assistance.* Use this tool as needed but understand that our end goal is to hope that you learn mindful breathing techniques that you can apply at any time, any where, without technological assistance. We firmly believe that any app related to mediation and mindfulness should acknowledge that we should all have this as our end goal: no technological assistance. Stepping stones yes, technical dependency, no.

Justbreathe.com was partially inspired by the stories told in The Book of Joy. In a divided world, now more than ever we could use more mindfulness. This starts with learning how to be a little bit more mindful with your own breath. The practice of using your breath as an anchor for mediation is quite widely accepted as a practical method to experience the benefits of mindfulness. Your breath is always there, from the day you are born to the day you die, you always have your breath and learning to be fully present with it can have extraordinary and powerful benefits.